Why Permaculture?

People can talk and theorize a lot but change only happens when someone decides to take action.

Waiting for some else to fix the problem is in a sense like blaming someone else for the problem.  I want to live in a peaceful, harmonious and sustainable world and the only way I am going to achieve that is by doing something about it. Admitting I have contributed to the problem was the first step – taking action to reduce my impact and ideally create a less destructive and more sympathetic way to live on this planet is my continued goal.

The operative word for the future is Self- Responsibility – the ability to consciously ‘respond’ as opposed to ‘reacting’ to situations and to each other. How to take the first step on my journey to manifesting the world I want to exist in was a real challenge. I needed tools to enable me to move forward and after a lot of hours researching I was gracefully lead to Permaculture.

Permaculture Design addresses food security, land and soil rehabilitation, sustainability, people care, community care, connection to the land – the source of our food, renewable energy, biodiversity to improve agriculture, designing our cities and towns to be self – sustaining viable localized economies, and most importantly using all waste as an integral part of the production cycle from soil building to power supply. Permaculture design encapsulates every functional aspect of our lives and integrates them to maximize potential and ensure abundance for future generations. Yet I see Permaculture as just one of many ‘solutions’ to the challenges we face as we approach an era of ‘true’ resource scarcity and environmental devastation from over consumption and fossil fuel pollution.

I envisage our future society developing “new systems” to live by, be that economic, agricultural, governmental and personal. I believe we have outgrown our place on Earth via complexity, separation and the ego. The solutions will be found in small co-operative communities, localized government and a shift of focus from ‘economic growth’ to sustainable and renewable localized economies. Through co-operation and appreciation individuals will naturally awaken to self-responsibility.

I have made a conscious choice to downsize my home, live off the grid and consume less while creating a small farm using Permaculture Principles in the hope that I may demonstrate what can be achieved by one person with a goal to spend the rest of her life ‘striving for a sustainable existence’.

“Meaningful life is possible, but everyone must seek it out. Some will not find it, because they will not look. But each day is a new day, with new opportunities to look.” Henry Thoreau


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