Weed Register – New England NSW

Below is a list of ‘weeds’ found growing on my property. I will specify what area they were found.

Unfortunately due to some materials being imported for my vegetable garden I have to put up with weeds that come along for the ride. The long term aim is to eliminate the need for any imports and to increase production of my own mulch, manure, compost, soil and seed.

All of these weeds are controlled by hand and have diminished year after year.

Briar Rose – Paddock under trees

Bathurst Burr – Vege garden

Dock – edges

Fleabane – Paddocks

Fat Hen – imported in mulch

Purple Top – paddocks

Paspalum – edges

Queen Anne Lace – Paddocks

Sowthistle – Vege garden & edges

Skeleton Weed – edges

Scotch Thistle – Paddocks

Sheppards Purse – Vege garden


I aim to investigate the most prolific of these plants and discover why it is they are growing. Most plants that we call weeds are actually there because of mineral deficiencies in the soils and it is their job to stabilize conditions so other species can grow. When we start to see these ‘weeds’ as ‘pioneer species‘ we shift from victims of ‘weed problems’ to stewards of the land with plant lore as our tool not a bottle of RoundUp.

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