Grey Water Swale Grow Beds

Waste Grey Water is sent to an area below my sheds. Here I have created 3 long mulch filled trenches and swales. The swales are created by mounding the earth dug out of a trench down-slope but on contour. By building on contour any water running down slope is captured and distributed horizontally as the contour of the slope is always level.

The trench is then filled with wood chip which absorbs the water and by adding a solution of molasses we encourage microbial activity and fungal growth – the beginnings of soil.

The 3 trenches each have a feeder pipe that can be selected to distribute the grey water at the rear of the sheds. If one trench is looking saturated the the next trench can be fed. The water will gradually charge the soil and swale with moisture.

The swales were planted out with green manure cover crop of Mustard Greens and heavily mulched. Its now Autumn and I will add some compost to the swale beds and plant some Strawberries, surplus Broccoli and more Mustard that won’t fit in my usual grow beds.

The areas in between the swales will eventually be used as vegetable beds.

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