Market Garden – Area L


The market garden area has grown significantly since 2014. The entire vegetable growing area now covering aprox’ 500m2 and almost the same area for our flower garden. What was once a paddock is now a thriving garden, achieved mainly by sheet mulching the areas, letting them sit for several months prior to building beds with compost, lucerne and mulch.

Garlic is grown every year in aprox’ 6 to 8 beds (65m2) in rotation. Followed by a green manure or grain crop or the beds are manured and mulched ready for winter veg planting. This year I got off to a great start (as last year we were building the big house) in the hot house raising summer seedlings in August and started planting some out in late September. We’ve had just enough rain to keep things green and growing and the deep mulch cover reduces evaporation.

Writing now in late November we have already harvested Kale, Zucchini, potatoes and plenty of salad greens. Garlic is just being harvest and hung to cure.  New to the garden in a row of table grapes on the north end of the plot and on the east a row of Feijoas.

My partner Lauren has planted out a beautiful and sizable perennial flower garden to the left in this pic and below, full of Salvia, Budlia, Penstemon, Poppies, Echinacea, Bergamot ….. and more. The vision was to create garden rooms for the flowers and the vegetables using the border shrubs, its looking great so far and our Bees are loving it.

In the foreground of the pic below is one of our chicken grazing areas. Here it has been sown with a diverse mix of seeds, kale, rocket, mustard, salad, barley, rye, and whatever else had gone out of date in the veg seed box. It all thrived and the chooks really enjoyed eating it down.

vege garden



March 2014

55m2 of new beds were built in late January and have now been planted out with Garlic. A couple of new varieties have been added – French Printanor and Purple Monaro.  Edamame is currently being harvested daily. The remaining area yet to be employed was mulched with straw in early summer and is now showing three times as much pasture growth as the surrounding paddocks that suffered through the summer heatwave and drought.


December 2013

With the Garlic harvested the market garden beds have now been sown with Edemame Soy Beans – a legume cover crop – that will also produce a harvest of pods.

November 2013

The Purple Glen garlic crop has been successfully harvested with some very nice bulbs coming out. The best will be kept for re sowing next season, the rest is available for sale. My first sale was to a local restaurant NERAM Harvest who are devoted to using local produce.

This crop is from organic seed and has been grown naturally on Biodynamic managed soil.

Bulbs available @ $30/kg

Seed available @ $28/kg – can bee eaten too just a bit smaller.

If you would like to buy my garlic send me an email via the contact page.

March 2013

Total Area 84m2

Planted area 56m2

7 beds – 10m x .8m

Path width .4m

Varieties –

Purple Glen

The garlic sown is locally sourced organic. It has strong flavour, medium sized bulb. It is a supreme garlic with a sweet and nutty garlic flavour. Being an excellent storer, will keep in your kitchen for at least 12 months.

Giant Russian or Elephant

“Elephant garlic has a mild, sweet flavour somewhere between garlic and onion. Cloves and rounds are large and easy to peel. They can be eaten raw, sliced into salads or, steamed or boiled as a vegetable with or without a sauce. They can also be cooked like onions in soups, stews or casseroles, or baked in the oven with roasts.”  Penny Woodward

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