DIY Pedal Powered Water Pump

Determined to recycle a perfectly functioning Impeller Water Pump that the electrics had burnt out in – I tried my hand at converting it to run off a rotating bicycle wheel, friction driven by the tyre on the impeller drive shaft.

Tools needed:

Hacksaw or angle grinder

Allen key wrench set


Hand Drill


Extra Parts Needed:

Base plate to secure pump to – this could be timber, I had a spare section of aluminium checker plate to use

L Brackets

Nuts and Bolts

Hose and fittings – 1″ hose minimum diameter

Frame to support rear wheel of bicycle – I used an indoor trainer frame and removed to friction mechanism.

Please keep in mind this is a work in progress. I have managed at this stage to get the bicycle to drive the unit and suck and propel the water. What needs refining is the optimum diameter hose and distance to be sucked and then pumped. More experiments to be done – in my free time!! The smaller the diameter of the hose the harder it is to push.

But the essence of this project was to show that you could use bicycle power to pump water.


Remove the handle, end casing, electric on/off switch unit, and fan. These parts are not needed.

Undo and remove the 4 long bolts that retain the finned casing. Keep aside.

Remove casing with electric motor to reveal the drive shaft.

Secure the casing with motor inside into a vice or wedge somehow so you can cut a section of the outer housing with your hacksaw or angle grinder. Approximately 1/3 needs to be removed.

Once this section is cut the outer casing will flex enough to remove the electric motor from inside. Take the motor unit to your local metal recycler – it weighs at least 3kgs and must be recycled. Or use for another application – a door stop maybe?

Refit the finned outer casing and secure with 3 of  the 4 long bolts. Before tightened up rotate the casing to a positioned that is compatible with your bicycle tyre.

Secure the pump with L brackets under the heads of 2 of the long bolts and another on the opposite end of the unit. Fasten these to your base plate. My base plate is large enough for the support frame to sit on and hold it all down with my body weight.

Position the tyre of your bicycle to rub against the drive shaft.

See photos for details.


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