Bench Top Water Filter Reservoir – DIY

Ceramic bench top water filter reservoirs are not cheap – so if you are need of water filtration and volume for about $35.00 here is how to do it.

I obtained 2 x 20 litre clean buckets with lids from my local bakery – for free – and drilled a 10mm hole in the base of one and the lid of the other to match the position of the hole in the base. I purchased a ceramic carbon candle filter and a  flip tap from my local health food store. You will also need to drill a larger hole in the side of the lowest point on the bottom bucket for the tap.

Attach the filter to the top bucket as you would on any commercial style water filter. Place the lid onto the bottom bucket and sit the bucket with candle filter on top while inserting the outlet pipe into the hole you drilled in the lid. Then place the unit on a bench with access to the tap at the edge of the bench.  Fill the top bucket with 10L of water and wait for it to filter through to the lower bucket.

Thats it – easy! Now you have filtered water to drink.

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