Living on Solar Energy – Off the grid

I have been living comfortably on a 1.5Kwh off grid solar system since 2011. If you dream of living on off grid solar the first thing you need to realise and attend to is how much electricity are you using now and how you can reduce your consumption. When you can realistically acknowledge how much energy you waste and remedy it then you are ready to buy a solar system to suit your needs.

There are 3 major areas that consume too much electricity – heating/cooling the house, refrigeration, and water heating. If you are serious about reducing your need for coal mining / fossil fueled energy and don’t want to spend too much on a solar array then you first have to do something about your house insulation, your need for air-conditioning, the amount of food you consume & the size of your fridge, consider not storing meat long term to avoid needing a large freezer,  and look at installing a solar hot water heater.

1.5Kwh system would support 2 conscious adults and a small child adequately.

What do I run? in order of frequency

160L chest freezer converted to a fridge

small bar sized freezer


LED globes

phone charger



sewing machine

18v battery charger for tools

food processor

*water heated by evacuated tube solar service or wood fire

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