Pedal Powered Blender – DIY


I was asked to teach a class on Appropriate Technology this year – one of the machines requested was a pedal powered Blender.

Luck had it I already had an old 1980’s exercise bike I bought at the local tip shop for $5. So all I needed to do was rig up a platform for the blender and make a drive unit. Easier said than done.

The parts used to build this were 99% unwanted garbage found at the local tip and off cuts of timber in my workshop. The only new parts were 4 stainless steel 5mm bolts with nuts, some wood screws and paint and a piece of 50x50mm 6mm thick steel to attach the coupling to the hub axle.

There are a couple of different methods to setting up the driver unit and base for the blender. Some I’ve seen mounted on the rear rack of a fully functioning bicycle. The issue here is the rear of the bike needs to be elevated when blender is in use so the rider can pedal with the rear wheel off the ground.

I went  for the stationary exercise bike option.

The tricky part to the set up is connecting the spline coupling drive of the blender to the axle of the rear hub used as the direct drive unit. And as all blenders have their own unique spline coupling, my project can only be used as a guideline. You will have to use your ingenuity  to work it out.

I found an old rubber castor wheel that fitted snug onto the hub axle which I then secured tight with nuts. This wheel sits hard against the wheel of the bike and drives your blender.


1 x exercise bike with solid rubber tyre

1 x rear hub from 7 speed bicycle

1 x 50x50mm flat steel 6mm thick

1 x rubber wheel approx 120mm diameter

1 x platform for blender made from square steel frame – mig welded onto bike frame

1 x platform base – old piece of 17mm formply

1 x unwanted blender with base – make sure its not cracked anywhere

nuts, bolts and screws as need

Check back and I may have a video of the unit working – if I can get someone to hold the camera!

Raspberry Banana Smoothie

My blender bike at the farmers markets – gives you a view of the mech working

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