Cooking with the Sun – Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker DIY

The ultimate ‘free energy’ cooking device is a ‘Solar Cooker’. There are many styles you can buy but the concept is so simple that you can make one using your own ingenuity and ability then reap the benefits – baking for free!

Below are photos of a very neat and tidy Solar Cooker made by my mate Andy. As you can see the components are easily sourced – old laundry tub and mirrors, some aluminium, black heat paint, glass, insulation and hardware.

I’m very impressed by the quality finish of Andy’s cookers so I decided to share it here on my blog. A link is included to his complete step by step assembly and cooking testimonials. He will make to order if you are interested.


Most solar cookers work on basic principles: sunlight is converted to heat energy that is retained for cooking.

sun Fuel: SunlightSunlight is the “fuel.” A solar cooker needs an outdoor spot that is sunny for several hours and protected from strong wind, and where food will be safe. Solar cookers don’t work at night or on cloudy days.
Convert sunlight to heat energyDark surfaces get very hot in sunlight, whereas light surfaces don’t. Food cooks best in dark, shallow, thin metal pots with dark, tight-fitting lids to hold in heat and moisture.
black pot absorbing sun's rays white pot reflecting sun's rays
Retain heatA transparent heat trap around the dark pot lets in sunlight, but keeps in the heat. This is a clear, heat-resistant plastic bag or large inverted glass bowl (in panel cookers) or an insulated box with a glass or plastic window (in box cookers). Curved concentrator cookers typically don’t require a heat trap.
black pot with bag black pot in box cooker
Capture extra sunlightOne or more shiny surfaces reflect extra sunlight onto the pot, increasing its heat potential.
panel cooker with sun's rays box cooker with sun's rays
parabolic cooker with sun's rays

source –

Below is a Solar cooker made by my friend Andy using an unwanted laundry tub


can you believe people used these things – to fry themselves for a tan! source

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