Intueri Farm

Established 2010

The vision for Intueri Farm is to be as sustainable as possible, which means minimal inputs from external sources balanced with minimal waste exports. Waste only exists when you create a surplus bi-product you can’t find a use for.

Main house, Cabin and workshop are powered by an off the grid solar array. No town water so collected rain water is pumped using a solar pump unit and gravity fed back. Hot water is also Solar Heated. Interior heating & cooking in winter is generated by a combustion wood fire. Gas powers stove and oven. An outdoor pizza oven is used for baking in summer. Some clothes washing is done by hand in a hand powered washing machine, but mostly we use the cold cycle in our energy efficient front loader washer.

Human waste is composted in a humanure dry compost system over 12 months and fed to trees. Cabin Grey water soaks under wood chip filled swales feeding an orchard of fruit trees. Water tank overflow is directed back to the dam.

We grow most of our own chemical free vegetables, figs, grapes and berries, selling any surplus. A main crop is grown to supplement income. I use a Scythe to make hay for my Goats and they take care of most of the weeds on my property, while supplying the pasture and garden with manure and urine. We have 9 chickens for eggs that are moved between 3 plots to ensure they have fresh pick to eat while reducing risk of worms.

Farm Locale Facts:

Where: 17kms West of Armidale

Growing Region: Cool Temperate, NSW Australia

Altitude: 1043m above sea level

Aspect: triangular block running North South, with a southern slope of approx 4%

Average Rainfall: 789mm

Average Max temp: 26.3 degrees C

Average Minimum Temp: 12.6 degrees C

Lowest Temp 2012: – 9.0 C overnight

Cold Mornings with Frosts :  Annual average 99

Average hours of sunshine per day:  8.0

Summer Rainfall 2014/2015:  total for the three months was 298.8 millimetres which was 20 mm higher than the long term average (LTA).

Click Here for current Weather Stats


1 Kitchen Garden Dec 2013


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