Beekeeping – putting the Bees first.

We recently purchased two Bee colonies in Langstroth Hives from a friend who lives near by and are super excited to have our own bees feeding on our newly planted perennial flower garden. I consider the keeping of Bees to be a complex art where one must make sure the colony is happy and healthy whilst hoping for a good honey yield. The Bees welfare is our prime objective, reaping the reward of delicious honey is the bonus.

The hives arrived in October and after a couple of weeks to allow them to settle in we took a look to see what condition these hives were in. There was a very small amount of capped brood and some larvae present but not a lot of pollen or nectar. The friend who sold us the hives had previously acquired them from a beekeeper who was moving away and could not take his hives with him. So there was little information shared and subsequently none of us knew how old these hives were and more importantly the age of the queens within them.

The decision to re-queen both hives was made and we quickly ordered the new queens. Never having received queen bees in the mail before we were astonished when they turned up in a plastic express post bag with a few air holes punched in. Thankfully they were both alive along with the worker bees who accompanied them in their little cages.

The queens were introduced and on checking them a week later we found them happily accepted by both colonies. Thus begins our new adventure into beekeeping!


2 responses to “Beekeeping – putting the Bees first.

  1. This is so exciting and great!! Thanks for the updates and info. Bees are definitely on my list of needing to get involved with.
    Much love. Xx

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  2. Wonderful to hear you’ve had success with introducing the 2 new Queens, can’t wait to follow your first honey flow/harvest.

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