Garlic on sale now!

The cool climate of New England, Australia is perfect for growing garlic, our garlic gets the ‘cold treatment’ it needs to  induce good growth. 

Purple harvest is ready for sale, California and Russian from January 2017

All Intueri Farm Garlic is grown naturally, chemical free using all organic fertilizer

Varieties grown –

Purple Glen – spicy and stores very well

California – larger white and a little milder than Purple

Russian – larger and succulent quite mild


Purple & California Bulbs  @ $28/kg

Russian Garlic – Bulbs  @ $25.00/kg – Harvest mid Dec

Garlic can be sent to you in the post – Australia only.

Use the contact page to make a purchase.

Postage rates for postage-prepaid satchels.

 Small satchel
Up to 500g

Medium satchel
Up to 3kg

Large satchel
Up to 5kg

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