Making a Longbow

I recently returned from a two day Longbow making course with Lars Richter, run by Wildcraft Australia and held at a property just south of Gloucester NSW near the gorgeous valley at Monkerai.

The course is designed for the beginner so the basic shape of your longbow is precut by Lars from a piece of spotted gum. But the work is not stop over the two days, shaping, filing, sanding, making the string, and getting your bow to a 28″ draw which is a careful and considered process.

It was well worth the cost as you’d pay more for an off the shelf longbow. You get to spend some time firing arrows too. I believe my longbow is more accurate than my shop bought horsebow I purchased last year.

More pics of course found HERE


One response to “Making a Longbow

  1. Hi Kade, another piece of your stunning craftsmanship. How, where & on what will it be aimed ?.

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