The Human Powered Kitchen

I’ve added a new page to my Appropriate Technology list.

The Human Powered Kitchen will be all about how I use hand/pedal powered appliances.

Here is the latest.


Slowly but surely my kitchen is being populated by human powered machines.

The ROK Espresso Machine

Want to save yourself 1200W? Most conventional electric Espresso machines will operate in this range or more. The ROK is quite a remarkable piece of engineering with beautiful curves and impressive performance. It is designed to make two good strength cups. Boiling just enough water on my gas stove to make one or two cups of coffee is best done in a small pot in less than 3 minutes. The portafilter is double shot size so makes one mighty strong espresso if thats what you’re after. Or fill it to your desired strength. Heat milk on the stove and froth using the tool supplied – akin to frothing hot milk in a coffee plunger.

In all honesty it might take 1 extra minute to make my coffee using the ROK and so worth it when I compare it to the 1200w energy guzzling electric machine I have been using for the past 7 years. (shameful)

Cost in 2015 – under $200.00


3 responses to “The Human Powered Kitchen

  1. I’m pondering this myself as we’re planning to move off grid. My current plan is to disable the heating element inside my machine and use hot water off the Rayburn. The pump only draws 60w or so.

    The best option would be to use an aero-press style thing like you have, and get a stove top boiler/steamer to do the milk, then it’s all stove powered.

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