Making Hay the quiet way

After the December January rain the pasture put on a lot of good growth and while it seemed everyone in my town was firing up some kind of combustion engine to deal with that pesky long grass …. I took full advantage.

Out came my Scythe in the early(ish) morning to cut long beautiful strands of grass that I left to dry for 2 or 3 days where they lay. Once cured or dried the grass becomes hay and I rake it into manageable piles then load up my hay stack frame. I used two panels of rio bar leant to make a A  which resulted in a nice little hay stack with good air flow.

The hay stack can remain in the field until ready to feed to animals or use as bedding, the outer most layers protecting the inside from rain. Best to cover your stack if you live in high rainfall areas.

Check out this good article for more tips

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