Green Wood bowls part II

After 2 months of drying my green wood bowls were ready for a final sand and oil. I am still quite green myself when it comes to the fine art of wood turning, but I’m pretty pleased with my results. Rustic yet functional suits me just fine.

The results of turning a green wood bowl is we end up with an oval shaped bowl once it has dried, unique and handsome all the same.

Pictured here with the larger green Rough Bark Apple bowl is a smaller bowl I turned in about 45 mins. The timber I used was salvaged off cuts from a mate who has been building his house out of recycled timber. The red bowl sits on the remaining off cut of its parent timber. Magical and just the right size for my pre dinner snacks!


3 responses to “Green Wood bowls part II

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  2. Hi Kade,

    wonderful to see the final product of your efforts. The red bowl is particularly beautiful, and your photo almost seems to have captured the vital energy of the bowl. I bet it’s lovely to use 🙂


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