Garlic Harvest Now

Got my Purple Glenn Garlic out of the ground this week … seemingly just in the nick of time. Bulbs this year are 3 times the size of last years and I’m not sure if its due to the amazing soil I built or too much water, but several began to start a new life cycle by shooting off the main bulb.

My new varieties, French Printanor and Purple Monaro are looking like they’ll need a few more weeks in the ground.

If you want to purchase Australian Grown Chemical Free Garlic then visit my order page.


2 responses to “Garlic Harvest Now

    • Hi Leesa – it depends on a few factors. Have you dug around a couple of the bulbs to see if they are forming into cloves? Also half the leaves should have died back before you harvest – approx 5 or 6 of the lower leaves turn brown and dry up. I planted mine at the end of March and only one of the 4 varieties I planted was ready to pull up.

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