Complexity = pollution

I was just thinking about this the other day. When families or communities grow their own food and keep animals it is a closed system – that means that waste from plants feed the animals and waste from animals feed the plants and soil biology and the whole process of care and management feeds our body and soul.

This can be achieved on small plots with shared animals. Our gradual disconnect from subsistence to the ‘dream state’ (wanting to live the dream/illusion of ownership and accumulation to get to some kind of better state of being) has resulted in superfluous waste that is not cycled back through a sustainable system. When waste is not utilized it becomes pollution, waste is an untapped resource we fail to acknowledge. Therefore we are drowning in our own crap while our souls remain empty.


first supermarket


2 responses to “Complexity = pollution

  1. Well said! Your idea that ‘waste is an untapped resource we fail to acknowledge’ really resonates. I am inching towards a state of being where nothing needs to leave my property, it is all reused, repurposed or recycled in some way.


    • thats great Madeleine. Its a real challenge being responsible for all our own waste … someday I hope all people realize that ‘zero waste’ along side ‘zero emissions’ is the only sustainable way forward.

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