DIY Green house tunnel

This week I completed my DIY Green house tunnel and just in the nick of time! I have been nursing some sub tropical plants I raised from seed and seedlings down on the coast that are finally safe and sound inside the tunnel as Autumn frosts are imminent.

The tunnel components consist of :

2″ polypipe

fencing star pickets  with tops ground to a smooth curve

treated pine beams for the base – painted

structural pine for ends

square section tubing sourced from the tip shop

steel channel for the horizontals source from the tip shop

steel strapping scavenged from someones bin

coach screws, small screws and washers

Green house fabric

Velcro and PVC canvas off cuts

old bicycle tubes for padding sharp ends


The main tunnel fabric came in a 2m width so I had a professional awning maker stitch together the length I needed. A hem was sewn into each end and a draw cord inserted so the cover overlaps each and end and can be cinched tight to secure it. The sides also have hems that I have inserted galvanized pipe into to help weight the cover down. The side can also be rolled up to allow air flow.

The ends are fitted using velcro. I got out my trusty Toyota sewing machine to complete this task.  ….. why are sewing needle holes so small??

The outside temperature over the last few days has been around 17 – 19*C …. inside the tunnel with the door closed reached 35*C and humidity was high …. it took my breath away, literally.


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