An experiment in generosity

Consider this a social experiment in generosity.

There is a new book I would love to own called The New Organic Gardener by Tim Marshall. Tim recently moved to my region and has run some excellent workshops that I have attended.

The book is selling for $54.99 and is full of the right kind of info for anyone who is serious about growing food and building soil without chemicals.

So my dear followers are you up for a bit of crowd funding?

All I need is for eleven generous souls to make a $5.00 donation to enable the purchase of this great book.

In gratitude your name will be added to my list of Intueri Farm supporters. Please notify me if you want to remain anonymous.

Please head over to my ‘How you can Help’ page to make a donation.

With much gratitude and thanks,




Within minutes of me making this post one hugely generous stranger has donated the entire sum needed to make the book purchase. Thank you so much!! I will include her name on my supporters page.   🙂



New Organic

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