Adventures in the countryside

Took myself on a road trip to Mudgee for 5 days, via Gunnedah. I wanted to photograph the statue of Dorothea Mackellar the Australian poet …. one of very few monuments honoring an Australian woman. It is a very beautiful statue as it depicts the horse and rider resting while the horse drinks from a stream. There are several of Dorothea’s poems on plaques dotted among native grasses and flowers along the pathway that leads to the statue.

I attended a mates Scything Workshop weekend, camping and eating amazing food prepared by another great mate, Christine Corner of Crave Natural. Got a chance to do some blacksmithing, hand shearing and wood work on a shaving horse.

3 responses to “Adventures in the countryside

  1. Wished I known you were down this way… would love to see you @ the mudbrick lodge in the capertee Valley. Is this a ‘NEW’ statue in the Mudgee park ?? Thanks for the update 🙂 R

    • Hi Rosie – no the statue is in Anzac Park in Gunnedah. There is a possibility I may be down for the small farm festival in July.

  2. Sorry Kade I can clearly see now you mentioned Gunnedah. I’ll be taking long service leave, end of July & often go to the small farms day @ Mudgee so lets make it a ‘date’ & come & stay @ Capertee.I’m just down the road a bit (80km) . Lots of space for you to throw your swag.

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