Permaculture Thinking – The problem is the solution

Here is an excellent example of thinking around a problem. In essence it demonstrates how our beliefs so often manipulate and hinder our thoughts and actions.

Claude Bernard, the great pathologist whose research and discoveries were of momentous importance in the development of modern medical science, one day entered the lecture hall where he was going to teach and noticed something peculiar: various trays were on a table, containing different human organs; on one of these trays, flies had gathered. A common mind would have made a common observation, perhaps deploring a lack of cleanliness in the room or instructing the janitor to keep the windows shut. But Bernard’s was not a common mind: he observed that the flies had gathered on the tray which contained livers – and he thought, There must be sugar there. And he discovered the glycogenic function of the liver – a discovery that proved decisive for the understanding and treatment of diabetes.





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