Goat wrangling adventures

Strangely only a few months after settling in my own goats I had a visit from three rogue goats. The trio kindly kept clear of my year old saplings but continued to harass my neighbour who threatened to have her son shoot them.

We discovered they were hanging out with the flock of sheep on a large neighbouring property. So with a little diplomacy and an effort to find the owners (to no avail) I convinced the sheep farmer that I would relocate them to a new home if he helped wrangle them up.

Well he is a sheep farmer and had little experience with sneaky goats but to his credit he brought along his 6 year old Kelpie who wasn’t much of a herder but love to chase. He rounded his sheep and as expected the goats followed, until they became cornered in the make shift cattle yard. One then three effortlessly cleared the fence and the chase continued.

Finally Smokey the red Kelpie was set in action. He chased and chased and wore those poor old goats out, I worried they were going to drop dead from stress. With not too much effort we got ropes around their necks and I tied them into my trailer and took them off to their new home with ten other goats in the next town.

A rewarding experience.


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