Small beginnings

I phoned my sister the other day to see if she could dig up some pictures of my childhood. I grew up in the suburbs so visits to our cousins farm were always a joy. I remember these moments vividly and marvel at how young I was, to be drawn to tractors and farm life. It was 1973 I am 5 years old.


2 responses to “Small beginnings

  1. That’s when the seeds were sown…. I believe our subconscious lays done the foundations for our destiny before we are 7 years old.. You’ve obviously bonded with these nice blokes & for the rest of your life you’ve tried to relive these experiences on the excursions to the farm…… you must’ve had a really wonderful time. & now, that you are once again in a similar environment you are travelling back through time to reconnect the dots :). Beautiful looking girl 🙂

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