If it doesn’t rain?

Dry Ground

Something for all you city dwellers to consider – Be extremely grateful that you get enjoy the convenience of fresh water on tap and fresh vegies available 24/7 from the nearest store not to mention food for your beloved animals. Right now the countryside where much of your vegies are grown is experiencing an unprecedented lengthy lack of rain and extremes of heat and cool. Farmers are selling off stock from lack of pasture and feed is being rationed for those that can afford to buy it for their animals. The natural bushlands are so dry that any spark would be catastrophic and the dry is forcing native animals to venture into back yards for water and anything green to eat. Water is being transported to those people who usually collect their own rain water. (me included) Right now I am thinking about my exit plan in case of fire, but also about what happens if it just doesn’t rain in the next 3 weeks? The cities could not survive without the produce grown by farmers. If farmers are forced to leave the land what will you do for food? So please think about how you consume your water, your food and your fossil fuel as it impacts us all. Be mindful, Be a conscious human and consider the environment in every choice you make ….. because everything we do has an impact.

Are we at the point where things just don’t get better? Is it time to remember the future? Is your life sustainable? Is your community resilient?


2 responses to “If it doesn’t rain?

  1. Yes, something I’ve been considering too, Kade. Down here on the South Coast, 5 km from the ocean , we’ve received next to nothing. Stories from around Australia, California, Central Asia & Sth America tell of the same predicament. When it rains, it falls in a torrent, the ground is so hard, it runs off without soaking the subsoil. I believe we reached the tipping point of Climate Change probably 20 years ago & we are now, just surviving by good fortune. I’ve bought xtra water tanks & mulched everything. OK for a while but as you so rightly said a disaster for our water guzzling mega cities

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