Admiring my Artiodactyla

My dear little goats and I are developing a nice bond. I sit and observe them any moment I have spare. I have come to understand the process of rumination or chewing the cud. Ruminants are herbivores and sit down several times a day to ruminate.

The primary difference between a ruminant and non-ruminant is that ruminants have a four-compartment stomach. The four parts of the stomach are the rumenreticulumomasum, and abomasum. In the first two chambers, the rumen and the reticulum, the food is mixed with saliva and separates into layers of solid and liquid material. Solids clump together to form the cud or bolus.

The cud is then regurgitated and chewed to completely mix it with saliva and to break down the particle size. Fiber, especially cellulose and hemi-cellulose, is primarily broken down in these chambers by microbes (mostly bacteria, as well as some protozoafungi and yeast) into the three volatile fatty acids (VFAs), acetic acidproprionic acidand butyric acid. Protein and non-structural carbohydrate (pectinsugarsstarches) are also fermented. source wikipedia

Here is Erik and Claude ruminating. You can see Erik regurgitate and swallow.


4 responses to “Admiring my Artiodactyla

    • They don’t eat absolutely everything – because they don’t want to eat the thistles and Briar Rose in my paddocks which is annoying while also not eating two young Eucalyptus saplings in their home paddock. I feed them twice a day with chaff and herbs from my garden, so I think they are fairly satisfied. If I let them into my vege garden I think they would have a feast – but so would you! Come visit Iain.

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