My rustic caravan.

Hard yakka is what its called ……. and I’ve just about had enough of it – building that is. Its all fun and games and dreams until you actually have to buy materials, nut it all out and then spend hours and hours cutting and screwing and painting. I intend to just sit back and enjoy it all for a moment.

So my  Gypsy caravan is now finished.  Its cute its quaint its colourful and has a beautiful positive vibe inside. Amazing views and peaceful surroundings, nestled in among Yellow Box Eucalypti with water views of the dam. Suprisingly spacious for 3x2m and its completely insulated. Some building materials are reclaimed, like the chassis, tin roof and the door and window frames which I made from old floor boards. The window glass and louver frames are also 2nd hand along with the screen door that got a repaint. The couch is an old 1910’s iron bed frame. A great space to chill out in, read or meditate.


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