Instant family – just add Goat.

Today I welcomed onto the farm two Saanen Wether Goats, they are only 8 weeks old yet the size of a medium size dog. They traveled just fine in the back of my pick up from 10kms east of Uralla. Settling into their new space – a restricted pen within a long paddock – until they get familiar with me and let me handle them etc.

They have a ferocious appetite and devoured their mixed chaff ration along with some dried seedy radish bush, leggy Calendular bush, comfrey, carrot tops and hay. Maybe more chaff ration tomorrow. And they seem to like the pasture too.

Its very nice to have some little bodies around since my dog passed away 2 months to the day today….interesting.

These guys will serve a few functions here on Intueri, lawn mowing, weeding, manure machines, good company, pack carrying, cart towing and I’m certain there will be more than a few laughs along the way.

2 responses to “Instant family – just add Goat.

  1. Lovely animals…… and a great ‘model’. They’ll soon be settled into their piece of paradise. Soon there’ll be milk & then cheese……. yum. Enjoy your new family 🙂

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