Sustainable Armidale

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We take our goals seriously – as we set them and as we pursue them

Environmental Goals in the Armidale Dumaresq Community Strategic Plan

Energy efficiency: Improve energy efficiency throughout the area and reduce per capita greenhouse gas emissions by at least 1.2% each year (consistent with state and federal government targets).

Local food: Increase consumption and production of local produce (from within the local government area and Northern NSW region) by 5% annually.

Air quality: Reduce wood smoke pollution in the Armidale urban area in order to meet national fine particle (PM 2.5) air quality standards by 2020.

Invasive species: Reduce the impact of noxious weeds and feral animals.

Climate change: Increase awareness and action, and develop a climate change mitigation strategy. Also implement recommendations of Climate Change Local Adaptation Pathways Program.

Council: Achieve recognition for Council as a carbon responsible organisation.

Biodiversity: Improve and conserve biodiversity.

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