Now and Then

Here is a visual progress report. The first 180 panorama view is from February 2010 compared to today’s view October 2013.

What’s changed?

Western fence Native tree/shrub plantings now 1 year old and doing well.

Hazelnut Orchard planted this winter and looking great.

Sheds erected and powered by off grid Solar. Vegetable garden in and powering along.

Grand old Stringy bark felled and cut, split wood piles always growing.

Garlic plot almost ready to harvest.

Grey water grow beds planted with fruit trees that are all sprouting new growth.

Water storage tanks and irrigation pipes installed to service all grow plots and trees.

Its been a dry year and coming out of Winter things were very dry, although some much welcome rain has fallen over the last few weeks.

I just noticed the last big tree to the left of the image is a Rough Barked Apple. In todays picture it is quite obviously dead – it got hit by lightning last Christmas.

180-view Feb 2010

western fence view October 2013

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