Birds and Butterflies afternoon

Around 5pm this afternoon the sun was starting to set and cast a beautiful orange glow. As I was about to pack up tools and head inside I realised I was surrounded by dancing pairs of small orange butterflies – Vanessa Kershawi to be exact. I stopped and sat under the limbs of the large old Box Apple tree and watched this incredible show. The butterflies chose this particular spot under the canopy and right in the last rays of sunshine that magically back lit all in its path – I was just waiting for the fairies to pop up next! The dance is part of the butterfly courtship where they are checking out potential mates. The males dart about and fly up to anything of similar size. Once they engage another butterfly they spiral upwards together and then break away, from dizziness it seemed.

butterfly dance

photo by Dean Morley


photo by John Slaney

photo by Arthur Chapman

To add to the visual delights I was encountering I turned my head to see two pair of parrots, Crimson Rosella and Eastern Rosella’s walking through the field grazing for seeds. The red feathers intensified by the setting  sun.

Lucky me.

I didn’t have a chance to take photos so I have used some from Flickr Creative Commons.


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