Prayers for an old Dog

My beautiful loyal companion of 14 years unfortunately developed a tumor on her mammary gland earlier this year. The tumor has been removed once under surgery but has grown back so I have made the decision to not to continue invasive surgery at this point in her life.

She still skips and hops around the place accompanying me as I work.  She has taught me patience, compassion, routine (our daily walks) and commitment. She has been there for me through all the rough times and I love her with all my heart.

If you can spare a minute to send from your heart a beam of healing light to my dearest ‘Fin’ it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.





8 responses to “Prayers for an old Dog

  1. Hey Kade, Sorry to hear that dear Fin is sick. Such a gorgeous dog. I know how much you love her. Sending lots of love and healing light to her. Xxxx

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  2. Dear Kade, my thoughts, positive energy and love go out to You and darling Fin…… I can feel your sadness as your loyal and loving friend, Fin, slowly succumbs as all our furry friend do. We ahve them for such a precious time….. 14 years. We remember them when they first arrived in our lives…… a bundle of joy, full of energy, vitality and vigour…. Always ready for a walk, a swim, a cuddle or that comforting nudge when we needed it most. Always there, waiting to please and share their unconditional love. The time ahead will be precious as you share what you have left of dear Fin’s life. My Stevie is also in his twilight months.. We’ve had a very difficult 6 months but being a Brown Dog, he has rallied (very expensive daily medication). He developed Cushings Syndrome & now he is on meds to stimulate his adrenal glands & it appears to be working. It’s only in the last week that I’ve stopped thinking I should call the Vet to administer that lethal dose which will forever close his gorgeous, soul deep, brown eyes.My thoughts are with you both…….how wonderful that Fin spent the last year of her life in paradise……xoxoxo Stevie & Rosie

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