Groundbreaking Mates!

Check this out if you haven’t already. My mates Aaron and Dan show Costa and Gardening Australia their incredible work at Cringila and Warrawong Schools. These guys design, build and maintain Gardens at participating schools in the Illawarra all based on Permaculture Principles, where the kids experience and learn about soil, plants, maintenance, appreciation and co-operation.

Nice to see you two being acknowledged in the mainstream at last!

Groundbreakers Gardening Aust


Aaron and Dan’s website – Elemental Permaculture


One response to “Groundbreaking Mates!

  1. Yes,it was a wonderful episode. I thought they may have been your mates….. lovely to see the students so engaged & communicative. Our school vege plot is coming along nicely with beans, peas, carrots, beetroots and sweetcorn all making the most of the warm sunny weather. Now we are having a superb 4 days of nice, steady soaking rain……. time to cover it all in mulch.

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