Knee Saver – Kindling Breaker

Here’s a simple solution I came up with to help break those larger sticks without using the front of your knee to do the job. Using your body as a tool like this is only going to cost you in the future. I mounted this device on the side of my wood store, close to my kindling store.

All you need is:

1 x Farm Gate saddle approx’ 75mm

2 x 8mm diameter bolts with nuts and washers

A drill to make 2 holes

A spanner

A solid surface to bolt your saddle to

As you can see in my pictures the method is pretty self explanatory.  I’d recommend eye protection when ever sticks are being broken.


3 responses to “Knee Saver – Kindling Breaker

  1. Great idea Kade !! I break mine on the ‘tie down’ bar under the tray of the ute.’Been breaking lots as the night temp is down to -3 down here @ Capertee. (Not as low as up on the N.E Tablelands :))

    • Hi Rosie – we had -6 two nights ago. I had ice in my washing machine as I’d left stuff in there to soak. 🙂

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