Its Winter now

Well I wasn’t convinced that Winter in New England NSW was all it was made out to be . . . . until last night . . . . and this morning. Clear skys yesterday afternoon guaranteed a very chilly night. I was about an hour late getting my fire cranking and so my little cabin, as small as it is, had a hard time getting above 15 degreesC. Nothing a coat and hat can’t fix.  This morning was a white wonderland of frost so I took some shots of all the amazing veges and herbs that are resilient to this biting cold and frost. I have also been busy splitting timber  for next winter from my big old Stringy bark tree.


2 responses to “Its Winter now

  1. Brrr, I noticed low temps @ Armidale & wondered how you were coping in your little tin shed :). The kale & broccolli will love the frost.. Keep warm, there more cold weather coming your way……..maybe even some snow !!

    • Hi Rosie, I’ve actually been suprisingly cosy most nights. The days are gorgeous and perfect out door working weather. My broccoli is booming along. 🙂

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