Beautiful simplicity of human power

For the craftspeople among us the lathe this gentleman is operating is called a Pole Lathe. Such great technology! Why did we ever surrender to combustion to do our work?? The only fuel used here is the bowl of porridge this guy had for breakfast!

<p><a href=”″>The Wood Turner</a> from <a href=”″>Elliott Forge</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


8 responses to “Beautiful simplicity of human power

  1. Pretty cool kade. Am currently working on a foot operated grinder. I have several hand powered ones, but need a foot powered version so I can use both hands to hold the workpiece. Will send you some photo’s when it’s finished.

    • Great – yes I always have trouble keeping the wheel turning and sharpening a knife at the same time – whats with that? Must have had a third hand in those days.

  2. Interesting you should say that. I was presenting at a tool maintenance workshop recently, demonstrating how to sharpen drill bits, amongst other things. I was using a sharpening jig and a hand grinder, jig in left hand, hand grinder in right. There was a guy in the audience who held ajob at the patience & nicholson drill bit manufacturing plant in maryborough, sharpening drills, by hand, on an electric grinder, 5 days a week for 35 years. He scoffed at my jig and hand grinder saying that he could sharpen 5 times as many drills as I could. When I asked him how he could do it sustainably, without an electric grinder, his only suggestion was, that he would hold the drill bit, whilst I operated the hand grinder………..

    Link for interest,

    • oh the rocks and the weeds and the scythe! was there no grass for him to cut? Hardcore urban Scything. I need you to teach me drill bit sharpening please.

  3. Yeah, we didn’t stay for the scythe demo as we had to ride 20 kms back home after the event, but we were as stunned as you when we saw the photo. Mind you, not surprising that he couldn’t find any grass to cut, it was redneck maryborough where people mow house blocks with ride on mowers.

    Re the drill sharpening, how bout I write up a guest blog post for your site, I can send it through in pdf so you can add what you want.

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