Bursting with Bush Skills

Just spent 4 days at my mates Farm – Hazelcombe Farm near Mudgee – where they hold a bi-annual Scythe Plus workshop.

There was so much to learn my head was spinning. From Axe maintenance and wood working, Scythe Peening, Black Smithing, Wool Spinning, Bio Fertilizer production, Cheese Making, Milking Cows and Goats, Cut Throat Razor shaving and blade sharpening,  making fire starters to name a few things. Then there was the great conversations and learning exchanged between the attendees. Such a great bunch of very capable and ‘aware’ folk.

The food provided was amazing and the hospitality completely genuine. Workshops and demos were presented by special guests, some of whom traveled over 9 hours to be there. People came from all over the nation and some from out of Australia.

I was too busy to take many photos, so here is a brief insight.

I will post another longer video later of the guys Scything together, this short clip will have to suffice for now.


3 responses to “Bursting with Bush Skills

  1. What an excellent selection of great skills………… must’ve been very enjoyable experience. Hope to get up to Armidale in June.. I’ll stop by to admire the progress on Intueri Farm 🙂

    • You know that feeling when you enter the tool section of an antique store – well combine that with actually using them and you’re almost in heaven. Do come visit Rosie – give me some notice though as I may be away too.

  2. Thanks for the blog Kade. (I’ve been to 3 wonderful workshops at Hazelcombe Farm, but couldn’t make it to the last two). Reading your blog makes me realise that it’s time to go again!Thanks for your website too – a smorgasbord of useful information

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