Basil Garlic Olive Oil – pre Pesto

Here is a great idea a cook shared with me. Rather than make a up a whole batch of Pesto – basil garlic oil pine nuts and parmesan cheese – he directed me to omit the nuts and the cheese. In doing so the basil garlic and oil will keep in the fridge in a jar for a lot longer, if kept with an oil layer on top to seal from the air.

Then the pine nuts and parmesan can be added fresh when you come to use the mix.

I now roast my pine nuts and add them whole after stirring the basil mix through cooked pasta, then sprinkle parmesan on top.

Food Safety warning! Ok I’ve had a few people mention the B word now (Botulism) so here’s the advice – its common sense but – keep the mixture refrigerated and preferably consume within a week. I have no problem doing this. I always keep the jar free of old dark basil and top up with more oil after taking some mix from the jar.

Here is some info. CLICK!


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