Wood Fire Oven Baking – Metters Bega No.2

UPDATE – 19.9.2015 – This oven in now FOR SALE. $290.00 ono

I did some baking today and tested the performance capacity of my little 1920’s Metters wood fire oven. Before I could bake anything I needed an oven shelf so I picked up a second hand from the tip shop and cut it to fit. Currently the oven sits in a temporary spot until I design my covered out door cooking area, the oven is nestled in a bay of used house bricks to retain the heat.

On the menu was Savory Cheese and Carrot Muffins – recipe below.

To heat up the oven I let the fire burn for around 40 minutes with a good amount of well dried fuel. I have a thermometer inside the oven and was very suprised to find it cranking at 300 degrees Celsius in such a short time. The recipe called for 180 degrees so I opened the door to allow the oven to cool. I did not add any more fuel and left the muffins to cook for about an hour. I realised after I had poured the mixture into the tin that it was too wide for this tiny oven – nothing a pair of tin snips can’t fix!

The recipe gave a 25 minute cook time, but I improvised a little on the ingredients, adding an extra egg and some fetta cheese as well as the tasty. So I deduced that the extra moisture called for more cooking time.

I can’t be certain that the heat is evenly distributed inside the very small oven space of about 25x25x30cm and opening the door every 10 minutes isn’t advisable – I had to be sure the temperature was stable.  I reckon I could have increased the cooking heat to 220 degrees for these little muffins.

In any case they ended up moist and very tasty, not burnt or dry. I used very little timber in the end. So I can declare my first run a great success.

SAVORY MUFFINS  note too that the mixture does 12 skimpy muffins or 9 good sized muffins

I found these links too.

Tips for Cooking on and Old Wood Stove

had these little tips on gauging the temperature

“A simple one is to throw some flour onto a baking tray and put it in the oven for a few seconds. If it goes brown the oven is very hot, if it is starting to change colour it is warm. A piece of writing paper will curl up brown when it’s at the proper heat for baking pastry. If you hold your hand flat over the cooking surface, and find it’s too hot to do so for more than three seconds, it should be hot enough to cook. ”

Metters Sydney Australia

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