Preparing for a sad farewell

After much deliberation I have decided to have one of my oldest and tallest Red Stringy Bark trees felled. The tree is showing signs of die back which can mean that the central tap root has died and thus nutrients are being conserved and limited to the inner branches. To honor the trees value I will be having the main trunk milled into usable lengths of timber for building. The rest will be kept for heating.

Leaving this huge tree to die a natural death could mean risking injury to us land dwellers, one branch has already come down and weighed no less than a tonne.

To add to my concerns I  just observed several parrots milling around a hollow in one of the branches. Hopefully they are only scoping out a new home and have not yet started to nest. In any case I whipped up a nesting box using plans from a great book my mum gave me last year. Thanks mum. The box is now located in the large tree standing only meters away from the Big Red. Fingers and feathers crossed there are no babies to relocate.


3 responses to “Preparing for a sad farewell

  1. Always a very difficult act, felling a large old, tree. You are doing the best thing possible to preserve it’s memory. Hope you getsome decent planks . I had a superb table made from a massive Blue Gum & I really enjoy using this spectacular piece of timber. It’s the centre piece of my home, as it was in the bush before it was felled.

  2. making hard decisons is yes hard, but sounds like well thought through. Caring for land is such an enormous repsonsibilty, but I cant think of a more responsible or caring person. hope you are well, miss you .paddy

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