Winter Work

A good weeks work is done. The greatest achievement was setting up a small diaphragm pump to move my drinking water from my collection tank up to the tank at the top of the block. I was skeptical that this little pump would manage the lift and the pressure, but it worked a treat!

The pump is a Seaflow 12V DC pump capable of moving 17L/minute. I hooked it up to my 12V battery just to test it, the final set up will be a connection to an 80W solar panel via a charge controller. For now though I wanted to get the water moving up the 32mm poly pipe and into the tank – also to test for any leaks in the pipe that was generously donated. After working out the right hose fittings I turned it on and waited patiently next to the top tank for the all important trickle of water.

The distance is approximately 80m with 5m head. It took the pump 6 minutes to push the water up the hill but it was cause for much joy as it continued to flow rapidly. Unfortunately the poor old battery was unable to sustain full charge past 2.5 hours, but it was long enough to transfer about 2000L. Enough to keep the top tank from blowing away in a gale!

The pipes will be buried 300mm deep to prevent freezing once I’ve got everything set up and flowing smoothly. Two pipes will run parallel – pumping water up and gravity feeding back down for use in the shed.  I’ll make a point of marking all my under ground pipes on my property design plan and pegs will be placed at the location, to avoid damage by sharp digging tools if earth moving needs to happen in the future.

The second top tank will be used to store dam water for irrigation.

While I’m talking tanks, I managed to strike a deal with a local farmer and scored an old Gal water tank that I have given a second life as my wood store, cutting the top off and turning it on its side. Looks great and makes stacking the wood very easy. Something else that I have resurrected is an old men’s bicycle – I bought an old tool box for $3 at the tip shop, mounted it to the handlebars and voila! My new letterbox.


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