March 2012

What a beautiful time of year, the beginning of Autumn. A quick visit to oversea 2nd shed concrete laying that is now delayed til next week, more tree planting – Casuarina, Banksia and Black Wattle seedlings I raised at home. Casuarina planted below the dam wall as the start of a wind break. The entire block was slashed today and looks amazing – nice to see the green under growth.

Arrived to find bees missing and inspected the hive to find several dead bees on doorstep, lots of honey oozing out the door and the menacing Black Hive Beetle taking over the abandoned hive. It looked like a recent event as there were still a few bees wandering around outside dazed and confused and a drone unable to fly as he was soaked in honey. My guess is either the hive got too full and they swarmed then the hive beetle moved in or the hive beetle arrived and the bees left. I had prepared a second hive as I knew the first would be getting a bit cramped – unfortunately I was too late.

I managed to scavenge a bit of honey for myself and it was quite incredible tasting my own honey for the first time. Delicious.

So sadly I will wait til next spring to set up a new hive and start over.

My neighbours work for National Parks and take in orphaned native Fauna – so today at afternoon tea I met a baby Wombat – such a character and very friendly.


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