Machete – the quiet achiever

The monthly markets were on today in town and I always like to browse the old tool sellers. I was close to buying and old pair of leather riding spats but on closer inspection they needed a bit of repair on the buckles so I moved onto the machetes. After checking the weight of each I settled for the black blade, that looked brand new.

I put the machete to work cutting back the weed infested dam wall ( mostly Fleabane ) – and to my suprise it was extremely effective. I quickly worked myself into a meditative state and got the motion sorted, accomplishing over half the 39m long wall in about an hour. Very zen.

What I liked about this hand tool is that its just that – no combustion engine noise of and edge trimmer to pollute the air waves – and as a result as I worked away two local ducks decided to land in the dam and take a swim. Slashing away I could hear the birds and the breeze and wasn’t bothering anyone around me. One thing that really irks me about power tools – especially leaf blowers – whats wrong with the peaceful broom??

Anyway, I got a great physical workout as a bonus – saves on a gym membership!

A note on Fleabane weed

Fleabane is a prolific seed producer, each plant producing up to 110,000 seeds. Of these seeds, up to 80% can be viable. The seeds do not possess dormancy so they can germinate whenever temperature and moisture requirements are met. Prevention of seed-set is vital for control. 


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