The word of the day is – BEES!!!!

I just arrived up at Intueri this afternoon – (I will follow this post up with photos) – but I couldn’t wait to announce that the new hive that I mounted on the shed roof in October 2011 is now occupied by some local bees who obviously could not resist such a fine and vacant abode. Its extremely exciting – my first swarm – and so easy!

So the bees are mounted on the shed roof and I’m camping inside the shed, so its been very interesting communing with the bees and keeping my cool as I move in and out of the door – which is quite often. But they don’t seem interested in me. The hive tends to wake up around 8am when the air warms up and then theres a mad rush around 4.30pm to get home and back inside – the wind has been up in the afternoon here so I guess that is part of the mad flurry to get home and cosy. I watched the hive door at about 7pm and there were some busy workers cleaning the entrance, tossing out and unwanted debris – amazing to watch.

I noticed what I thought at first was white dust outside the hive entrance and also splashed on the roof below and on closer inspection and quickly grabbing a finger full I discovered it was wax so I rolled it into a ball. Seems to be excess or maybe its residue that drops off the bees as they come and go. Suprisingly as I sit below in my chair reading I can smell the amazing aroma of wax and honey wafting down.

Here are some photos.

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