Barter when you can.

fresh eggs for inner tube trading

I recently placed a sign in my window at work that signifies to all my customers that I am willing to’ trade my skills for their skills’ .

A day ago I got into a conversation with a regular customer and found out she had 6 chickens laying eggs. I suggested if she ever had any surplus that I would be more than happy to trade her a tube or two (as she was having a particularly bad run with punctured tyres lately). Today she turned up with a dozen eggs! So she was happy to take a spare tube in return – easy.

I received a dozen fresh organic locally grown eggs that only traveled 3 kms to get to me – that were delivered to my door as part of my customers shopping trip on her bicycle – toxic emissions = ZERO.

Ultimately I would prefer to only trade my skills and labour as the embodied energy and impact on the environment is virtually zero –  we all eat food and produce waste to produce our labour and work anyway – plus totaling the sums at the end of the day is much easier.

Bartering your skills really highlights the fact that having a ‘skill’, ‘trade’ or several useful abilities makes you indispensable to others in your community. The more skills you have under your belt, the more advantage you have to get the things you need – that and being a nice person.

One thing that makes Bartering so attractive is the Government can’t tax bartering. Some may say that avoiding paying taxes is anti-social behavior  – well I’ve paid so much tax in my life time and still the hospitals are under staffed, the roads full of pot holes, the mentally ill living on the streets, public schools under funded and the list goes on – but what really makes me mad about paying so much tax for so long is that so much of my hard earned money lines the pockets of  ex-politicians like Nick Greiner who screwed the system for $1.83 million dollars – apparently he was entitled to it?? That’s my money – that’s your money – that’s why we are bound by law to pay tax??? And I won’t even get started on funding that goes to the Military to help fight wars that have nothing to do with us – nothing is more anti-social than war!

So barter when you can – could you exist without money? Think about it.

latest update in world news – Spain starts to barter – Feb 2012

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