Where food comes from 2011

Sit for a moment and imagine a farm where food that you like to eat might be grown. Is it a sunny place with fields of plump red tomatoes, rows of carrots, leeks and lettuce? Is it green pastures of fresh scented grass where the cows and sheep graze at their leisure. Or a beautiful rambling orchard of berry and fruit trees, where bees and birds hover from one tree to the next gathering pollen and nectar.

Do you actually know where your food is grown and how it is handled or how many miles it may have traveled by huge diesel guzzling semi’s – or how long it has been stored in refrigeration prior to arriving at your grocery store?

This film prompts one to reassess the origins of the food we eat, the questionable nutritional value of vegetables pumped with synthetic fertilizers and to re-evaluate the benefits of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) – if their existence is purely to provide us with ‘cheaper’ meat products at the expense of animal health and wellbeing.

This is why I want to farm my own land – to be responsible for the quality of my own food and sever my reliance and support of the industrial food system and its associated impacts. I aim to be a steward of the land that builds soil – not deplete it with chemicals. Life starts from within the soil – our health is reliant on the health of soil. Nurture soil and it will give you life. Nurture and respect all living things and they will give you life.


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