Hand Power – Coffee Grinding

I’m developing a mild obsession with all things ‘human powered’. I am currently in the middle of creating a couple of ‘pedal powered’ devices – more on those later.

I’ve been investigating manual coffee grinders and came across the ‘Kyocera’ made in Japan. Using an adjustable ceramic burr mill mechanism the Kyocera can achieve an incredibly fine grind. The main body of the unit is plastic which is a shame, steel would have been a nice alternative and more durable – but who wants to makes products that last?? It will be great to use when camping.

I use this grinder every morning and its turned into a nice little ritual. It takes just over a minute to grind enough for one cup in my espresso machine – as shown in my video! I noticed an improvement in the taste over beans ground with my electric bladed grinder.


I suggest turning your sound down.


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