The week past

I have one more week until I finish my internship at Milkwood Permaculture Farm. Our big project to finish is the new chicken coop with mulch run. Nick’s design is inspired by a construction technique called ‘Tensegrity’ – a little crazy but it seems to be holding together. I was asked to fabricate a couple of door frames and doors to be fitted to the structure.  Having done a MIG welding certificate in 2005 I was a little rusty but it all soon came flooding back and with the use of Karl’s workshop and his power tools it all came together – it was good to be building something out of steel.

Chris Bel and Dave built a beautiful foot bridge over the swale that we traverse every day on our way to the woolshed.

The hens laid eggs some weeks back so we have three baby chicks in our flock now. Some new Langshan chickens were also purchased around the same time – they are quite spectacular.

I have finally ‘tanned’ the deer and fox hide and will hand them over to a friend in Sydney who is a leather worker to see if we can create something useful out of the pelts. I was thinking the fox would make a great hot water bottle cover! I found the recipe using Aluminium Sulphate and salt in a water solution from these pages.


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