Waste not want not or skinning furry animals

A few rats were trapped around the wool shed and I thought what better time  to discover the art of skinning an animal. Rats seemed a good place to start, but little did I know I’d soon earn the reputation of head skinner and later be presented with several fresh kills that were somewhat larger than a rat. I figured,why let the fur go to the compost?!

My rat pelts are yet to be tanned, and are currently dried and preserved in salt. The rabbit pelt mysteriously disappeared late one night as it soaked in a bucket outside. Then one morning just after breakfast Shane the handyman arrives with a young Deer he shot while hunting the night before. Skinning the Deer was a group effort, and Christian butchered carcass, later using the meat in several tasty dinners. The freshest meat I think I have ever eaten.

Today on  their return from a tip run, Amelie and Nick were excited to present me with fresh roadkill – a beautiful male fox. I had to really conjure up a brave heart for this – the little creature is so similar to a dog, it was hard to set my knife to its body.

Here are a few momentss of skinning @ Milkwood – a new intern project??



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