How to make Rose Hip Oil using a carrier oil.

After a week of walking around Milkwood I recognised a plant that also grows on my property – that I have subsequently been digging out in the belief that it was a noxious weed. To me it looks like a rose – it is – Briar Rose. The specimens at Milkwood were all in bud – with fine bright red Hips. Given the abundance I decided it would be great to take advantage of this supply, so I investigated how to turn the Hips into a usable oil. Rose Hip oil is applied to the skin, it has great healing qualities. I apply it before bed. 🙂


things you’ll need:

  • Rose hips
  • Carrier oil – (I used Macadamia Oil)
  • Small crock pot (or large glass jar)
  • Cheesecloth
  • Small dark glass bottle
    • Use dried or fresh rose hips. If you are buying them, the dried variety is usually the only kind you will find. Gather fresh rose hips from plants you are reasonably sure were not treated with chemical pesticides and herbicides.

    • 2

      Choose your carrier oil. Olive oil or even regular vegetable oil will do in a pinch, but some people prefer a lighter oil, such as almond oil, that leaves a smooth, satiny feel on the skin.

    • 3

      After removing any foreign debris from the rose hips, combine 2 cups of the carrier oil and 1 cup of rose hips in the bottom of a small crock pot. Stir well, set the crock pot on “Low,” cover and let it warm for at least 8 hours. A more natural but much slower method is to put the ingredients into a quart-size mason jar, cover and put in a windowsill for 3 weeks. If you choose the jar method, use only dried rose hips.

    • 4

      After the recommended amount of time, strain the oil through cheesecloth until no particles are visible. An easy way to do this is to fold the cheesecloth into a large square three or four layers thick and place it over the top of a small bowl. Use a large rubber band to hold the cheesecloth in place, but don’t pull it tight; leave enough of an indentation in the cloth that the oil won’t run over the top.

    • 5

      Pour the oil and rose hips into the cloth and let them slowly drain. Discard the rose hips and pour your new rose hip oil into a darkened bottle to store.



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